My story

My life is cake. From a young age, baking has always been something I loved to do. I grew up in the kitchen with my Italian mother learning how to appreciate the art of making desserts look and taste amazing.  

I started my professional baking career as a pastry chef at a small restaurant in downtown Edmonds called Olives Café & Wine Bar. From there, I went onto managing a catering company, which exposed me to weddings and wedding cakes. It was through this unexpected exposure, I found a passion for creating wedding cakes and more.  

After working as a catering manager for a few years, I found myself at a crossroads. The catering company was closing and I had the option to find another job or take a chance and start my own company.  I founded Cakes by Frosted in the summer of 2010—one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I bake for a living and I love it!